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Myall High – Trio

Myall High is an electronic music outfit with roots in house music, afro-cuban and jazz. The Sydney based band boasts a classical harp as it’s centrepiece and are renown for their powerful fusion of warm synths, thick bass lines, echoing harp and familiar vocal melodies. On stage, the trio balances contrasting moods and tempos, slowly blending into one another in perfect flow. The sense of spontaneity that Myall High possesses – this inherent ability improvise and adapt – is a central tenet of their sound; a sound which they’ve crafted over the course of a decade.


When listening to Myall High, one thing stands out: they are collectors of sound – from beautiful harp melodies recorded from travels around the world and incorporated in to their unmistakable live looping – they continuously layer their compositions. As a result of their unique approach, they have become a staple in the Australian music scene.



Cameron Douglas

Levi Foster