Aj Flores

With a lifetime’s worth of musical experience, AJ Flores has truly made a name for himself in the Sydney nightlife scene.

From hosting huge house parties during his school years, to igniting the dance floor later on at nightclubs, cruises and festivals; AJ has quickly been recognised as a prominent DJ within the music industry with his skills in Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, R&B, Latin, Pop and everything in-between.
Appearing in venues such as Home Nightclub, Culture Kings, Ivy, The Port, Scary Canary, Hard Rock Cafe, Hillside Hotel and even The Opera House, AJ’s ability to create an absolutely eccentric and mesmerizing atmosphere is an experience within itself. His passion for parties and variety in so many styles of music has landed him playing in nightclubs alongside artists such as Lil Pump and Trippie Redd, as well as interstate events and festivals.

In less than a year, AJ Flores was able to go full time with his music and progress rapidly through the industry, working with some of the most prosperous brands and personalities in Australia.
With a Caribbean-Latino family background in nightclubs and music, AJ Flores has never been more to take you on a majestic musical journey.