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Marriage Equality

Planning a Gay Wedding?

At QCE we are about marriage equality – we say YES and encourage you to as well. Gay Wedding, Same Sex Union, or just two caring people that want to stay together for the rest of their lives is now not just a dream but a reality for all Australians!

The more people that can celebrate life and love in the world the better.

Now that Australia has voted “YES’ to marriage equality, and the politicians have signed off on it – it is time to plan your wedding. Encouraging everybody to live on an equal platform and to celebrate and enjoy good times in life is the key driving force behind our musical inspirations.

Gay Weddings, Lesbian Weddings, Bisexual Weddings, Transgender Weddings, Intersexual weddings and event straight people weddings – we want you all to party and celebrate good times with your friends and family! QCE specializes in this and would be proud to help you celebrate your big day.

Looking for music to for the wedding festivities? Some Jazz, Soul or Latin will set the mood. Maybe a Vocalist or a String Quartet to accompany the ceremony?

If you want to really keep the party going all night then La Fiesta Sound System or one of our DJ’s will be able to see you thru.

Check out some of the acts below or have a look thru our website to get some ideas. Alteranatively Contact us now so we can discuss all of your options.

QCE Artists

Gay Wedding