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We are passionate about delivering high quality sound at every event. With our vast knowledge of setting up hundreds of unique spaces over the years, we will deliver crystal clear sound for you! Our expert team maintains and utilises the latest technology to ensure you are getting the best sonic result possible. From battery and generator systems in isolated locations all the way to concert line arrays, we can cover all your possible requirements. You can expect brands like Electro Voice, Sennheiser, Shure and Allen & Heath.

Great audio must address these two key points.


For a keynote CEO presentations, Q & A or a party set from a covers band, clarity is key for intelligibility and enjoyment. To maximise clarity all elements along the audio chain need to be strong. That’s why we only use top of the line DPA headsets and ULXD wireless microphones. To get the most out of musical performers, it is essential to have good sound on stage. Clarity also means you have a great mix of sound elements that are balanced, even and set with correct volume. We use digital mixing consoles to achieve this combined with audio engineers with 20 years of experience.  


This ensures that all the audience can hear the performance clearly from all points in the room. We achieve this by using the right speaker type in the right position. We also ensure we have surround sound in situations we feel this is warranted.

Need audio? We have the perfect audio solution for your event!