Weddings are the most personal and special day in your lives, and we treat them with care and ensure that all the fine details are though through. We have over two decades of wedding and other special event experience. We use this knowledge to make sure all the elements that make up the event are all strong. We take great pride in personally ensuring all weddings we are involved in are as amazing and beautiful as can be. Our entertainers are simply the best available, and our sound and lighting production equipment is state-of-the-art. 

When it comes to romantic events, QCE understand that the modern wedding is a truly customised affair. Today’s bridal couple design their wedding down to every personal detail, so finding the perfect music is more important than ever. We will work with you to custom design the music that is perfect for you. We have up to date song lists and are more than happy to take special requests.

Your dedicated QCE wedding consultant will ensure that your chosen entertainment look and sound brilliant, play the songs you’ve requested and quite literally do whatever it takes to make people happy on your special day!

We’re already excited about the prospect of helping you make your wedding the gorgeous party you want it to be!

The next step is for you to call and start making inroads to your perfect wedding!