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Black Diamond Hearts
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When BLACK DIAMOND HEARTS appear live they throw themselves into a musical blender and press high speed.

Their mix of non-stop layers of current hit songs with classic hit sound grabs played over a pounding beat sets the template from which BLACK DIAMOND HEARTS deliver to their audiences a relentless desire to dance.

Featuring band members that have been at the forefront of Sydney’s foremost Rock bands, Funk bands and Sound Systems they utilise their live music experiences to hone a changing set list that has one focus, for one night, for one purpose … to have a great time.

The band members utilise their exposure to DJ based Sound Systems and mix that into their love of rock, funk and pop to deliver what most crowds only experience from DJs. As a live band they deliver song after song into song after song into song. They whip it, lick it, grab it and kick it. It’s their lack of the predictable, which is infectious. Dance floor crowds love this band and they are loved right back.

Underpinning this band is a charisma set that is understated but unmistakable in its presence. Each member brings a core understanding of live stage performance from a myriad of support gigs, tours, backing performances and headline circuit work.

Credits include but are not limited to: The Potbelleez, Martini Club, Richard Clapton, Tommy Lee, Slash, Lionel Richie, Kate Cebrano, Go West, Spandau Ballet, The McClymonts, Sarah Blasko, Machine Gun Felatio, Ricki Lee-Coulter, Mel B, Scissor Sisters, Jimmy Barnes, Evermore, Richie Sambora (and, …it goes on).