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Jake Meadows


Meadows is a Sydney-based multi-instrumental composer and harpist. Meadows creates a unique offering of stunning production mixed with his inherent ability to improvise and adapt with his modern approach of one of humanityʼs oldest instruments: the harp.

He is a frequent collaborator with many well-known Australian acts such as Daniel Johns, Vera Blue, Thelma Plum, DREAMS, Eves Karydas, among others, and featured as part of Daniel Johns’ Vivid LIVE renowned Vivid live performances

Meadows was first introduced to the harp by his father and the instrument fast became the soundtrack to his childhood.
A working musician by age 16, Meadows spent his latter teens years touring the east coast of Australia supporting acts like Midnight Oil, Billy Thorpe, Ganggajang, Christine Anu, The Radiators and Choir Boys.
He began incorporating the harp into his work a few years later, creating music with bands he co-founded and as a session and touring musician.

Meadows began exploring the textures and technology of electronic music, incorporating it into many residencies he held in Sydney’s Kings Cross over the course of 10 years and became a go-to composer for the Australian fashion world, creating original music and soundtracks for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Bulgari, David Jones, Ritz Carlton, Bang & Olufsen, Ferrari and many others.

Meadows is a frequent collaborator with Daniel Johns and session musician with Luke Steele, Thelma Plum, Vera Blue, Paul Mac, and more.
In 2019, Meadows worked with Chris Townend to create Siloam – the largest multichannel sound-based artwork in the world, staged at MONA in Hobart.

It is clear he is a collector of sound –  Stamping a solid international reputation with his modern approach to Harp his inherent ability to improvise and adapt is a central tenet of his sound; a sound which he has crafted over the course of the last 20 years experimenting with the ethereal sounds and vibrations of one of humanityʼs oldest instruments: the harp. The harp, with its many strings, produces wide-ranging vibrations ,and harmonics that resonate ,among the vast ,and complex ,array of cellular vibrations in the human body and mind. entering our central nervous systems, our bones ,and muscles, even our skin.