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Maurice Blackburn – Beta Bar 100 years celebration

Maurice Blackburn
100 years celebration
@Beta Bar

Beta Bar on Castlereagh Street in Sydney has to be one of the most stunning and original venues around. The six meter high ceilings along with raw textured brick work really give the you a sense of architectural history that oozes style and elegance. QCE have had the pleasure of producing over 50 events in this space and we find that highlighting this architecture with battery powered LED up lights really transforms the space incredibly. The company colours were matched to make the entire venue branded for the night.  

 To celebrate the amazing milestone of 100 years, we really wanted to brand this information in the room in an elegant way. To achieve this we custom designed logos to be projected on both sides of the room with 5000 Lumen Panasonic projectors.   

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The proudly Australian company featured an incredible and memorable indigenous performance by theatrical company Giralang Guwal.  

 The formalities and keynote speaker sounded crystal clear because of the new technology Californian built EV PA that was installed. During the rest of the evening a DJ based trio preformed to keep the mood progressing in a positive direction. 

 Beta Bar staff yet again provided amazing Greek style food and drinks to keep all patrons satisfied, helping to create the perfect event. 

Photo Credits: Paul McMillan
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 001
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 002
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 003
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 004
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 005
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 006
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 007
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 008
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 009
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 010
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 011
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 012
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 013
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 014
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 015
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 016
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 017
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 018
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 019
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 020
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 021
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 022
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 023
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 024
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 025
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 026
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 027
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 028
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 029
Maurice Blackburn 100 years 030

In all my years running events, I don’t think I have ever come across such a polished, well connected team at a venue. From the onset your willingness to deliver and can-do attitude was infectious. I knew we were in safe hands celebrating our milestone 100 year anniversary event with your support. 

?I wasn’t the least bit concerned about the AV execution for our event, or the running of it, because you had been so professional and efficient in the lead up to the event.? 

?Your team delivered above and beyond and in my 8 years with the firm it was the best event we have ever delivered in Sydney. All thanks to you two and your extremely well-polished team. 

Samantha Gilligan – Maurice Blackburn Lawyers 

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Kristy Franks Company Launch

Kristy Franks Company Launch – Seadeck

It was an absolute pleasure to assist with the launch of the Kristy Franks event management company on the stunning Seadeck vessel. We have had the pleasure of working with Kristy Franks on some fantastic large-scale corporate events over the years, so we really wanted to go all out for the occasion.

The build was optimised to ensure we could get on and off the barge to Cockatoo Island where the boat was moored. The load was quite complicated but with the right team and planning we made it work.

The main event for the evening was a keynote speech delivered by Kristy. Selecting a central and elevated position really allowed all attendees to be close engaged with the presentation.


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To ensure the PowerPoint presentation was seen clearly by all, we installed two 65 inch QLED Samsung screens on both sides of the stage for maximum impact. These screens deliver a high output, ideal for afternoon outdoor presentations. We also surrounded the presentation area with our new technology EV EXT speakers to ensure crystal clear audio clarity. We also included a monitor screen on the ground for Kristy to see her presentation notes. A Dsan pro clicker made for a seamless presentation.

For the finale we had the super talents of Myah sound system perform. The all-girl act consists of two vocalists and DJ. With the use of Sennheiser G4 in ear-technology and wireless Shure Beta58 wireless technology, Myah vocalist’s could roam anywhere on the boat whilst performing creating great interaction and vibe. The top balcony proved an ideal location for the final crescendo of the performance. The show was a big hit with guests, Kristy and her team had a great dance, the perfect way to end a truly memorable event launch!   

Kristy Franks Launch 001
Kristy Franks Launch 002
Kristy Franks Launch 003
Kristy Franks Launch 004
Kristy Franks Launch 005
Kristy Franks Launch 006
Kristy Franks Launch 007
Kristy Franks Launch 008
Kristy Franks Launch 009
Kristy Franks Launch 010
Kristy Franks Launch 011
Kristy Franks Launch 012
Kristy Franks Launch 013
Kristy Franks Launch 014
Kristy Franks Launch 015
Kristy Franks Launch 016
Kristy Franks Launch 017
Kristy Franks Launch 018
Kristy Franks Launch 019
Kristy Franks Launch 020
Kristy Franks Launch 021
Kristy Franks Launch 022
Kristy Franks Launch 023
Kristy Franks Launch 024
Kristy Franks Launch 025
Kristy Franks Launch 026
Kristy Franks Launch 027
Kristy Franks Launch 028
Kristy Franks Launch 029
Kristy Franks Launch 030
Kristy Franks Launch 031
Kristy Franks Launch 032
Kristy Franks Launch 033
Kristy Franks Launch 034
Kristy Franks Launch 035
Kristy Franks Launch 036
Kristy Franks Launch 037
Kristy Franks Launch 038
Kristy Franks Launch 039
Kristy Franks Launch 040
Kristy Franks Launch 041
Kristy Franks Launch 042
Kristy Franks Launch 043
Kristy Franks Launch 044
Kristy Franks Launch 045
Kristy Franks Launch 046
Kristy Franks Launch 047
Kristy Franks Launch 048
Kristy Franks Launch 049
Kristy Franks Launch 050
Kristy Franks Launch 051
Kristy Franks Launch 052
Kristy Franks Launch 053
Kristy Franks Launch 054
Kristy Franks Launch 055
Kristy Franks Launch 056
Kristy Franks Launch 057
Kristy Franks Launch 058
Kristy Franks Launch 059
Kristy Franks Launch 060
Kristy Franks Launch 061
Kristy Franks Launch 062
Kristy Franks Launch 063
Kristy Franks Launch 064
Kristy Franks Launch 065
Kristy Franks Launch 066
Kristy Franks Launch 067
Kristy Franks Launch 068
Kristy Franks Launch 069

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Jules and Cam’s Wedding

Jules and Cam’s Wedding

Jules & Can Wedding 001
Jules & Can Wedding 002
Jules & Can Wedding 003
Jules & Can Wedding 004
Jules & Can Wedding 005
Jules & Can Wedding 006
Jules & Can Wedding 007
Jules & Can Wedding 008
Jules & Can Wedding 009
Jules & Can Wedding 010
Jules & Can Wedding 011
Jules & Can Wedding 012
Jules & Can Wedding 013
Jules & Can Wedding 014
Jules & Can Wedding 015
Jules & Can Wedding 016
Jules & Can Wedding 017
Jules & Can Wedding 018
Jules & Can Wedding 019
Jules & Can Wedding 020
Jules & Can Wedding 021
Jules & Can Wedding 022
Jules & Can Wedding 023
Jules & Can Wedding 024
Jules & Can Wedding 025
Jules & Can Wedding 026
Jules & Can Wedding 027
Jules & Can Wedding 028
Jules & Can Wedding 029
Jules & Can Wedding 030
Jules & Can Wedding 031
Jules & Can Wedding 032
Jules & Can Wedding 033
Jules & Can Wedding 034
Jules & Can Wedding 035
Jules & Can Wedding 036
Jules & Can Wedding 037
Jules & Can Wedding 038
Jules & Can Wedding 039
Jules & Can Wedding 040
Jules & Can Wedding 041
Jules & Can Wedding 042
Jules & Can Wedding 043
Jules & Can Wedding 044
Jules & Can Wedding 045
Jules & Can Wedding 046
Jules & Can Wedding 047
Jules & Can Wedding 048

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M&C Saatchi – Future Classic Party 2018 – The Great Hall Sydney University

M&C Saatchi Future Classic Party 2018

The Great Hall Sydney University

We were thrilled to be asked back to contribute to the legendary advertising industry’s party of the year! With a big international contingent present from a recent conference from all the M&C Saatchi offices around the world, the pressure was on to see if the Australian event could provide the best party to date.

The amazing and historic Great Hall at Sydney University was chosen for stunning architecture and sheer scale (over 1000+ attendees were expected). The event was to be split into two sections. To start the evening, the courtyard would be the first accessible area. The stunning views of the open-air lawn were to be lit up with festoon lighting to create a warm mood on the sandstone walls. With roaming performers in theme costume, roaming canapés and cocktails were on offer along with a tasty DJ set by Mr Dynamite.  At the critical moment, the Great Hall was revealed where the main dance party commenced. This was initiated by the organist playing ‘We are the Champions’ by Queen.

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The main hall build required much thought and design to accommodate all event requirements. Power loads were evaluated and external generators were needed and power runs established. The 1.5 meter high stage was custom built to suit entertainment briefs along with a safety rails due to the height factor. The acoustics of the room was super critical to get right due to the 20 meter-high ceilings and vast size of the room that basically acts like a reverb chamber. We did some acoustic analysis and decided the best plan of attack was to have one main line array PA with all the subs right on the stage, the rest of the room would contain 6 surround boxes arranged in pairs along side walls, all with digital delays depending how far away they were from the stage (recall from your science class that sound travels 330 m/s). The end result was a clear and even distribution of sound in the whole hall, a terrific result and it really made the party take off.   

In the centre of the room we built a custom truss structure, 6 meters long by 3 meters wide and 3 meters high! This was needed to mount a fluro tube array and the moving Martin programmed lights for the dance floor. This truss design activated the dance floor and gave the room a main feature. All vision and lighting desks were hidden from sight within the structure. Throughout the room 36 Battery LED wireless DMX lights were programmed to really transform the venue into a club for the occasion, programmed by a dedicated technician. Four Panasonic 15k Projectors were mounted that were used to 3D map the massive organ and bring it to life in true Vivid style. We also projected a galaxy of stars on the ceiling. The portrait painting’s of the Deans were brought to life with cheeky artistic animations.

The audio and visual technical production really allowed the nights performers to take the party to a big crescendo. From DJ sets with vocalist Muma Meg, Sax player Mark Matthews and electronic duo Binary, Future Classic was big hit!

A ‘Project X’ Special Event
Audio Visual Production and Cube Truss Design: Quality Control Entertainment
Visual Mapping: Joe Crossley
Photos: Gazzarazzi

Furture Classic 001
Furture Classic 002
Furture Classic 003
Furture Classic 004
Furture Classic 005
Furture Classic 006
Furture Classic 007
Furture Classic 008
Furture Classic 009
Furture Classic 010
Furture Classic 011
Furture Classic 012
Furture Classic 013
Furture Classic 014
Furture Classic 015
Furture Classic 016
Furture Classic 017
Furture Classic 018
Furture Classic 019
Furture Classic 020
Furture Classic 021
Furture Classic 022
Furture Classic 023
Furture Classic 024
Furture Classic 025
Furture Classic 026
Furture Classic 027
Furture Classic 028
Furture Classic 029
Furture Classic 030
Furture Classic 031
Furture Classic 032
Furture Classic 033
Furture Classic 034
Furture Classic 035
Furture Classic 036
Furture Classic 037
Furture Classic 038
Furture Classic 039
Furture Classic 040
Furture Classic 041
Furture Classic 042
Furture Classic 043
Furture Classic 044
Furture Classic 045
Furture Classic 046
Furture Classic 047
Furture Classic 048
Furture Classic 049
Furture Classic 050
Furture Classic 051
Furture Classic 052
Furture Classic 053
Furture Classic 054
Furture Classic 055
Furture Classic 056
Furture Classic 057
Furture Classic 058
Furture Classic 059
Furture Classic 060
Furture Classic 061
Furture Classic 062
Furture Classic 063
Furture Classic 064
Furture Classic 065
Furture Classic 066
Furture Classic 067
Furture Classic 068
Furture Classic 069
Furture Classic 070
Furture Classic 071
Furture Classic 072
Furture Classic 073
Furture Classic 074
Furture Classic 075
Furture Classic 076
Furture Classic 077
Furture Classic 078
Furture Classic 079
Furture Classic 080
Furture Classic 081
Furture Classic 082
Furture Classic 083
Furture Classic 084
Furture Classic 085
Furture Classic 086
Furture Classic 087
Furture Classic 088
Furture Classic 089
Furture Classic 090
Furture Classic 091
Furture Classic 092
Furture Classic 093
Furture Classic 094
Furture Classic 095
Furture Classic 096
Furture Classic 097
Furture Classic 098
Furture Classic 099
Furture Classic 100
Furture Classic 101
Furture Classic 102
Furture Classic 103
Furture Classic 104
Furture Classic 105
Furture Classic 106
Furture Classic 107
Furture Classic 108
Furture Classic 109
Furture Classic 110
Furture Classic 111
Furture Classic 112
Furture Classic 113
Furture Classic 114
Furture Classic 115
Furture Classic 116
Furture Classic 117
Furture Classic 118
Furture Classic 119
Furture Classic 120
Furture Classic 121
Furture Classic 122
Furture Classic 123
Furture Classic 124
Furture Classic 125
Furture Classic 126
Furture Classic 127
Furture Classic 128
Furture Classic 129
Furture Classic 130
Furture Classic 131
Furture Classic 132
Furture Classic 133
Furture Classic 134
Furture Classic 135
Furture Classic 136
Furture Classic 137
Furture Classic 138
Furture Classic 139
Furture Classic 140
Furture Classic 141

Project X had 15 events this week for the Worldwide board meeting culminating in the gala event at Sydney University for 650 people. Having such a workload and with so many elements needing to come together – having the best team of professions that I trust was imperative. QCE never let me down and always deliver. I strongly suggest booking them! 

Jade Tustin – Director Project X

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Event Inception 2018 – White Bay Terminal

Event Inception 2018 – White Bay Terminal

Photo Credits: Paul McMillan
Event Inception 001
Event Inception 002
Event Inception 003
Event Inception 004
Event Inception 005
Event Inception 006
Event Inception 007
Event Inception 008
Event Inception 009
Event Inception 010
Event Inception 011
Event Inception 012
Event Inception 013
Event Inception 014
Event Inception 015
Event Inception 016
Event Inception 017
Event Inception 018
Event Inception 019
Event Inception 020
Event Inception 021
Event Inception 022
Event Inception 023
Event Inception 024
Event Inception 025
Event Inception 026
Event Inception 027
Event Inception 028
Event Inception 029
Event Inception 030
Event Inception 031
Event Inception 032
Event Inception 033
Event Inception 034
Event Inception 035
Event Inception 036
Event Inception 037
Event Inception 038
Event Inception 039
Event Inception 040
Event Inception 041
Event Inception 042
Event Inception 043
Event Inception 044
Event Inception 045
Event Inception 046
Event Inception 047
Event Inception 048
Event Inception 049
Event Inception 050
Event Inception 051
Event Inception 052
Event Inception 053
Event Inception 054
Event Inception 055
Event Inception 056
Event Inception 057
Event Inception 058
Event Inception 059
Event Inception 060
Event Inception 061
Event Inception 062
Event Inception 063
Event Inception 064
Event Inception 065
Event Inception 066
Event Inception 067
Event Inception 068
Event Inception 069
Event Inception 070
Event Inception 071
Event Inception 072
Event Inception 073
Event Inception 074
Event Inception 075
Event Inception 076
Event Inception 077
Event Inception 078
Event Inception 079
Event Inception 080
Event Inception 081
Event Inception 082
Event Inception 083
Event Inception 084
Event Inception 085
Event Inception 086
Event Inception 087
Event Inception 088
Event Inception 089
Event Inception 090
Event Inception 091
Event Inception 092

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80’s Party – The Star

80’s Party – The Star

80s Party 001
80s Party 002
80s Party 003
80s Party 004
80s Party 005
80s Party 006
80s Party 007
80s Party 008
80s Party 009
80s Party 010
80s Party 011
80s Party 012
80s Party 013
80s Party 014
80s Party 015
80s Party 016
80s Party 017
80s Party 018
80s Party 019
80s Party 020
80s Party 021
80s Party 022
80s Party 023
80s Party 024
80s Party 025
80s Party 026

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Deus Venue Launch

Deus Venue Launch

We were excited to collaborate with Project X and the Deus Collective to launch the new Deus Event Space in Sydney’s Camperdown. The venue is an exceptional warehouse space showcasing and selling classic restored motorbikes and Deus clothing and accessories. This warehouse also proved to be a unique and impressive event space.

We started the event in the Café with a set from one of our favourite act’s the Uncle Jed trio as guests enjoyed the Deus culinary offering with Young Henry’s beer, Sonoma bread and selected wines from Young & Rashleigh Wine Merchants.

The main event area was then revealed by event host icon James Valentine.

Dj Juni set the tone and ambience with a smooth soul and roots DJ set to entice guests into the new room.

We then crossed to the main stage for the Gang of Brothers duo and then a panel discussion hosted by Karla from Connection Catalyst.

Back in the café we then moved into a performance set by the incomparable blues roots and rock 5-piece band The Moonhounds. The Moonhounds were greatly appreciated by the audience made up of event producers and our collective’s corporate clients. The boys got the dancefloor going from their first song which set the tone for an amazing evening.

Photos: Gazzarazzi
Deus 001
Deus 002
Deus 003
Deus 004
Deus 005
Deus 006
Deus 007
Deus 008
Deus 009
Deus 010
Deus 011
Deus 012
Deus 013
Deus 014
Deus 015
Deus 016
Deus 017
Deus 018
Deus 019
Deus 020
Deus 021
Deus 022
Deus 023
Deus 024
Deus 025
Deus 026
Deus 027
Deus 028
Deus 029
Deus 030
Deus 031
Deus 032
Deus 033
Deus 034
Deus 035
Deus 036
Deus 037
Deus 038
Deus 039
Deus 040
Deus 041
Deus 042
Deus 043
Deus 044
Deus 045
Deus 046
Deus 047
Deus 048
Deus 049
Deus 050
Deus 051
Deus 052
Deus 053
Deus 054
Deus 055
Deus 056
Deus 057
Deus 058
Deus 059
Deus 060
Deus 061
Deus 062
Deus 063
Deus 064
Deus 065
Deus 066
Deus 067
Deus 068
Deus 069
Deus 070
Deus 071
Deus 072
Deus 073
Deus 074
Deus 075
Deus 076
Deus 077
Deus 078
Deus 079
Deus 080
Deus 081
Deus 082
Deus 083
Deus 084
Deus 085
Deus 086
Deus 087
Deus 088
Deus 089
Deus 090
Deus 091
Deus 092
Deus 093
Deus 094
Deus 095
Deus 096
Deus 097
Deus 098
Deus 099
Deus 100
Deus 101
Deus 102
Deus 103
Deus 104
Deus 105
Deus 106
Deus 107
Deus 108

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Zoe & Hamish’s Wedding

Zoe & Hamish’s Wedding

On 11 December 2012, Quality Control Entertainment was invited to organize the entertainment for the wedding of Zoe and Hamish Blake. Set against the backdrop of Wolgan Valley Resort,our own Latin Guitars Duo were invited to play at the during the wedding ceremony followed into a wave of celebrations let by the Co Director of Quality Control Entertainment and brother of the bride Levi 5Star.

“The musicians that played live during the ceremony made me cry, the DJ-ing afterwards made me dance so much I had cramps for days. I went the full spectrum. I’d get married again just to see Levi 5 Star make a dance floor jump like that! The music, lighting and energy made it a perfect night. Thanks QCE” – Hamish Blake


  • Zoe+Hamish_Wedding_002

  • Zoe+Hamish_Wedding_003

  • Zoe+Hamish_Wedding_004

  • Zoe+Hamish_Wedding_005

  • Zoe+Hamish_Wedding_006

  • Zoe+Hamish_Wedding_007

  • Zoe+Hamish_Wedding_008

  • Zoe+Hamish_Wedding_009

  • Zoe+Hamish_Wedding_010

  • Zoe+Hamish_Wedding_011

  • Zoe+Hamish_Wedding_012

  • Zoe+Hamish_Wedding_013

  • Zoe+Hamish_Wedding_001

  • zoe-hamish-wedding-web-3

  • zoe-hamish-wedding-web-21

  • zoe-hamish-wedding-web-18

  • zoe-hamish-wedding-web-4

  • zoe-hamish-wedding-web-15

  • zoe-hamish-wedding-web-8

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